Steel Fabrication and Welding

Functional and Ornamental

Jim and hired craftsmen enjoy building various custom iron and welding projects. Jim has over 20 years in the industrial iron working industry before returning to the Mission Valley and often finds unique solutions to difficult problems.  Here are some of the team’s beautiful and functional projects.

“When we were putting the finishing touches on a major home remodel, we wanted a sturdy, functional, yet interesting staircase, and protective barriers was a priority. With the help of Jim and his designer, these pieces became a reality. They were generally well built and created a better flow between our two levels. As a family that does a fair amount of entertaining, the safety aspect of this was important, hence working with Jim. He is customer focused and very detailed. Definitely someone you would want to work with.” Amy Vaughan

I’ve designed some quite complex steel stairs, railings, and other items and Jim and his crew carry them off with ease. I also designed the river-front walkway connecting the three Riverside Parks in Polson and the new city docks. Jim built all the steel pan decks and the steel railings and it all went together without a hitch. That walkway will be there for several generations.
Paul Bishop


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