A locally-owned and operated insulation contractor.
Polson insulation specializes in the Professional Installation of spray foam, the BIBS system of blown in fiberglass, sound insulation, and all current Insulation systems that keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer. Whether new home construction, existing structures, or summer cabins; we know all about the best practices to control heat loss, heat gain, and promote ventilation. Exceptional insulation means exceptional comfort and energy savings.

Spray Foam Insulation

We use Gaco Spray Foam Products. Foam is one of the most preferred insulation options available today. Gaco Spray Foam can reduce energy bills by up to 40% over other insulation techniques. Spray foam fills in the gaps and restricts moisture transmission; you can actually see the seal created when foam is blown into the cavity of your home. It is especially resistant to pests and mold. Gaco products offer Superior Sound Control and adds structural integrity to your walls.

Blow-In Insulation

Polson Insulation uses the Bibs system, which stands for blown-in blanket system. Polson Insulation is certified and trained to apply Bibs. Bibs offers some of the highest R-values attainable today. This state-of-the art system features loose-fill virgin fiberglass, which is especially designed for open system(attic) situations and closed (sidewall/floors) situations, as well as cathedral ceilings. It is blown in behind a proprietary fabric. Bibs completely fits around pipes, wires, etc. to increase thermal efficiency and eliminate costly air gaps.

Batts and Sound Proofing

We prefer Fiberglass (over cellulose) insulation for jobs which require batts. Fiberglass is made from molten glass spun into fibers creating an exceptional thermal blanket, keeping cold air out in winter and hot air out in summer. Another superior batt we love is mineral wool. In addition to maintaining consistent temperatures in your home, both products have acoustical properties, resist moisture growth, and are environmentally friendly. Mineral wool has the added feature of being fire-resistant. We use pink Owens-Corning EcoTouch batts which consistently delivers comfort, performance, and value to home owners. Think pink!