Our satisfied clients attest to our craftsmanship, attention to detail, honesty, and integrity. Additionally, we work with residents of seasonable lake homes all year long to make sure your summer home survives the hot blasts of summer and frigid winter temperatures.

This is what our customers are saying….

“Jim provides all of the current insulation systems and they are installed very professionally. I have used him to construct many of my projects in and around Polson and Flathead Lake in both commercially and residential. He and his crew are pleasant to work with.”  Paul B.  Polson

“I highly recommend Polson Insulation.  It was freezing upstairs. After the Polson Insulation crew insulated my attic, my thermometer noted an 8 degree difference.”  Tonya A. Polson

“I have trusted Jim Cheff and Polson Insulation with my insulation needs for years.  Both when remodeling and when I recently needed additional insulation on part of my house due to ice dam forming.   My ice dam situation was solved and that part of my house was 50% warmer for the rest of the winter. I wanted to add additional insulation in certain areas, but they counseled me that it would be a waste of money instead of taking the job (and the money) and performing work that was unnecessary.”  Chuck W.   Ronan

“Our winter heating bill (all electric) is modest and, as long as we keep the sun out (we have lots of windows) our house stays cool all summer long. I believe, your company having installed the insulation, is the major factor.” Ron M.  Charlo
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“I sincerely appreciate businesses such as Polson Insulation with small-town attitudes but big-town expertise.” Chuck Wall