Insulation Identification

Insulation upgrades increase the equity of your home and provides our community with another environmentally responsible home.  We take pride in our work and integrity, knowing that you will be more comfortable in your newly insulated home.  An R-value identification mark must be applied by the manufacturer to each piece of insulation 12 inches or greater in width. Insulation must be installed so that the manufacturer’s R-value mark is readily visible. Blown in ceiling insulation thickness must be written in inches on markers at least one every 300 square feet through the attic space in letters one inch high facing the attic access opening. Other insulation marking details can be found in the code.

Heat Loss Basics

All heat transfer and movement into and out of a building can be explained by three heat-transfer mechanisms: conduction, convection, and radiation. These factors not only explain heat transfer but also offer insights into why some buildings and spaces are more comfortable than others.

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Say “good-bye” to uncomfortable temperature extremes in your home and “hello” to a consistent and pleasant climate.